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Techincal Drawing

Image is one tool to convey the intent of a person (drafter) to the general public, for example image ads, road markings, maps, etc., as well as drawing technique aims to facilitate the delivery of information from the designer (designer / drafter) that can be easily describe, understand, and carried on by others who are concerned with the image tersebur accurately, correctly and objectively ..

1.Delivery of Information.
Image has a duty to continue the intent of the designers of the persons concerned are precise and clear.

Preservation, storage and use of information.
With the technical picture, then everything associated with the object drawn will be stored with durable, safe and when - the time can be opened and modified in accordance thinking designers.

3. Way - a way of thinking in the preparation of information.
Images not only portray an image only, but also function as enhancers thinking power for planners, therefore, an engineering graduate without having the ability to draw will lack the means of delivery and to explain to others.

Thus at a glance info on the image description techniques will then be in review at the next post ....
may be useful and thank you ..!!!


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