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How to Make a Pipe Using Autocad.

Now let's review step by step starting from scratch..!!

  1. Draw a line as a route or channel of the pipe like the images in the show number 2.
  2.  Draw a circle the size of the pipe as a provision that would we want such a picture.
  3.  Extrude the circle using the extrude path (click polyline figure 2).
  4.  Enter / OK.

Note. :
Figure 2 should be shaped polyline

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  1. ternyata cara membuat pipa sangatlah tidak rumit... so.. please try this at home..

  2. bang,ntu cara buat lingkaran supaya ditengah2 garis gimana??

  3. Dia = pertama buatlah lingkaran dulu kemudaian ketika akan meletakan lingkaran di tengah2 garis maka rubahlah arah pandangan menggunakan view nah tinggal move linkgaran ke titik garis.. gmn jelas..

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