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Inside AutoCAD, a line segment or an arc is called an Entity. In the implementation of an image may consist of more than one entity. From some combination of these entities can be composed of a wake (shape) is desired.
Drawing with Autocad can be done with all sizes and options desired measurement units. Cartesian coordinate system in Autocad called World Coordinates System (WCS), is laying the ground work in Autocad is desirable to establish a point-entity entity. Point (0.0) is normally the bottom left end point. To write / insert a point positions, should be in the form of coordinates.

System of units to be used:
System of Units Units
British: Inch, Feet, Mile
Metric: Km, m, cm, mm
Unit to unit depending on the needs of the image:
Types of images Units
Map 1 unit = 1 meter
Building 1 unit = 1 meter, or 1 centimeter, or 1 millimeter
Details: 1 unit = 1 millimeter

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