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How to Create Box in AutoCAD

Box command is used to create 3D solid objects in AutoCAD. We can provide length, width and height of the box, for example we want to make a box with a length of 5, width 7 and height 6. How to make are:

A. Click the icon on the Menu Toolbar Box

2. Or click the main menu Draw> Solids> Box

3. Click on the image area

4. Type L and Enter

5. Type 5 then Enter

6. Type 7 then Enter

7. Type 6 and Enter

for how to create the Command Prompt you can just follow the steps below:

A. type a command at the Command Prompt box
Command: _box

2. Determine the center point of box
Specify corner of box or [Center] <0,0,0>:

3. Type L for the choice of [Length]
Specify corner or [Cube / Length]: l

4. Determine the length of the box
Specify length: 5

5. Determine the width of the box
Specify width: 7

6. Specify height box value
Specify height: 6

To see the results, click SW Isometric, SE Isometric, NE Isometric, NW Isometric, which can also be accessed using the main menu command View> 3D Views> (SW Isometric, SE Isometric, NE Isometric, NW Isometric)