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How To Modification Text in AutoCAD

For autocad drafter who are beginners like me :), which again learn autocad (I'm using cad 2011). There are several ways that I often do in studying a variety of articles about autocad, namely:

A. Change mtext in autocad to single text.
Often if it is still early to learn about the cad complicated if each write use mtext and impractical. Better to use a single text just to make it faster, do you create a text style that first really cool and sexy, but if it has already wear baaimana mtext, do not worry about it. :) It's easy once you ledakin alone (I mean you Xplode) the mtext, mtext previously'll automatically be changed to a single text.

2. Changing text in AutoCAD dimensions.
For autocad drafter often violent unrest, often do not have time for editing images in autocad, autocad his easy tips are resized to the size of your AutoCAD. More practical way than did the explosion is through the Properties window, you press Ctrl + 1, then you will see the properties window, then click the dimension you want to change, then your search text override the properties window, then change the number yan listed there. Later if you want to change the image or text will remove the override, you can do anytime you want.


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