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How to Use Express Tool in AutoCAD

Are you know about express tool in AutoCAD...?
How to Using Express tool in AutoCAD...!!
Knowledge about express tool in autoCAD..
Express the group discussed the following tools are dimension.
leader Tools

You often use a leader? In AutoCAD 2008 there have been a better multileader. But if you frequently use a leader, it may be useful.

If according to the help file, tool to express leader here is primarily intended for the files created in AutoCAD R.13. In those days, you have to create leaders. But there is multiline text that is not related to the leader,. You move the text, leader, will remain indifferent to the position.

Attach Leader to Annotation 
Command line: QLATTACH

Attach a leader will connect with a multiline text. You can not connect a single leader with a single line text.

Dettach Leader to Annotation. 

Command line: QLDETACHSET

Detach will release the leader of the multiline text. After the detach, then you can move the text and the leader does not follow the new text position.

Attach Leader to Annotation global. 

Command line: QLATTACHSET

Actually, this is tantamount to QLATTACH. However, you can choose directly a leader and multi-line text. The disadvantage, multi line text should you place it near the end of the leader. If it is too far, will be ignored.

Export and Import DIMSTYLE DIMSTYLE 

Command line: DIMEX and DIMIM

Which is quite interesting. You can import dimension styles from one DWG file to another DWG files with design center. And to maintain standards, it is best to use a template. But this way you might need if the two ways that you can not use. You can be exported configuration style dimension to the text file with DIMEX, and import them with DIMIM!

Reset Dim Text Value. 

Command line: DIMREASSOC

Dimension should indicate the size of the two reference points, or length of a line. Or to show the size of the other. However, sometimes users are desperate little 'cheating' and edit the value dimension. So it does not show actual size.

With this tool, you can select all of the dimensions and the edited text returns to its original state quickly.