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How to Zoom Using AutoCAD

Layer enlarge (zoom) does not mean increasing the size of the image (scale). Zoom done because the need for accuracy in drawing. If the perceived image of an area is too small to see, then we can zoom on area diingikan
Many options zoom that can be done. Among the most commonly used are:

   Realtime Zoom = zoom is used to make "smart", ie by dragging the mouse up or down. Means enlarging layer upwards, downwards means to lessen the opposite layer.

   Zoom Window is used to zoom to the area that we want, with the zoom area marked on the upper left and lower right with the mouse.

   Previous Zoom is used to restore the last zoom position

   Zoom Extents are used to zoom in such a way that the entire image appears in the layer.

zoom Scale
Zoom in / out display with a zoom factor value, for example:
<enter> 2x Zoom: Zoom displays 2 times of the picture now
<enter> 0.5x Zoom: Zooms the display of images are now 0.5 times
<enter> 2XP Zoom: Enlarge the image 2 times the size of the unit relative to the paper
2 <enter> Zoom: Zoom displays 2 times the limit limit

Zoom with mouse wheel,
Type of mouse has been equipped with the latest generation of 'wheel' (wheel) in the middle. AutoCAD utilizing this technology to perform real-time zoom automatically without having to invoke the zoom, so while working we can zoom with ease.

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