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Create 3D Solid Using Revolve in AutoCAD

Are you know what the meaning revolve...?
Revolve is a command to make up a 3D object by rotating a 2D, where the trajectory of rotation to form a new 3D object, which is at the vertical and horizontal center line (axis X, Y).
How to create a 3D object / 3D solid using AutoCAD is as follows:

  • Draw a line.
  • Combine lines that have not formed a single line entities.
  • Revolve command input / revolve click on the toolbar.
  • Select the line that the line will be made in 3D objects.
  • Determine the points / lines will be the axis / center.
  • Ok.
The specification in column command sequence is as follows:
Command: _revolve
wire frame density: ISOLINES = 4
objects: 1 found click on the polyline object
objects: enter
the start point for axis of revolution or define axis by [Object / X (axis) / Y (axis)]: the axis point
endpoint of axis:
angle of revolution <360>: 360

Note: To determine the endpoints of the axis point for easy use. Pictured above (left) is a polyline object and on the right is the result of the revolve.