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Snap to Text

Snap to Text.

Snap to Text

Snap to text is a tool or command in AutoCAD that serves to move or shift the text by a line, a horizontal line or vertical line.

When we want to move or shift the text we will have difficulty lies accurate placement according to the point that we want, this happens if we forget the AutoCAD object snap settings for that we need to text the snap command.

Then how to use the snap to text command ...?

  • How to 'Line Up' Existing Text.
  • Draw a horizontal line across the drawing where you want to 'hang' the text.
  • Right-click on OSNAP on the Status bar, then click Settings and turn on Nearest and Insertion.
  • Launch the Move command, then select one of text objects and press [Enter].
  • on the text to display the Insert object snap on the insertion point of the text.
  • Now move up the line where the Nearest object snap lets you slide along and 'hang' the text where you want it.