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AutoCAD 360 for Mobile and Tablet.

AutoCAD 360 for Mobile and Tablet.

Rekan AutoCAD Tangerang semua,pernah dengar dan tahu kan tentang AutoCAD WS,itu lho aplikasi atau software yang bisa dipergunakan untuk melihat,memodifikasi gambar-gambar AutoCAD,kini aplikasi AutoCAD WS sudah berubah nama menjadi AutoCAD 360 for mobile.

Berikut penjelasan dari pihak berwajib tentang AutoCAD 360 :

Autodesk® AutoCAD 360—formerly AutoCAD WS—is the official AutoCAD® mobile app.
AutoCAD 360 is a free*, easy-to-use drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings—anytime, anywhere. Simplify site visits and fieldwork with powerful design review and markup tools—available online and offline. Seamlessly share drawings with others across desktop, web, and mobile devices. Easily access drawings from web browsers using the free companion AutoCAD 360 web app. AutoCAD 360 Pro subscription plans further expand the functionality of the app, bringing additional capabilities to the field.

Fitur  AutoCAD 360 for mobile.

• Open 2D and 3D DWG drawings uploaded to your free* AutoCAD 360 online account
• Work offline, then easily upload changes when you are back online
• Upload and open files directly from email on your device
• See all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays
• Use multi-touch zoom and pan to easily navigate large drawings
• Use your device’s GPS to orient yourself within a drawing
• Draw and edit shapes with accuracy using Snap
• Select, move, rotate, and scale objects
• Add and edit text annotations directly on your drawing; no need for paper mark-ups
• Validate distance measurements in the drawing while you are onsite
• Save edits to your AutoCAD 360 online workspace, so your drawings stay up to date
• Share your designs with others directly from the mobile app
• Add comments and images and invite responses using the Design Feed
• Print remotely from your mobile device using HP’s ePrint & Share service
• Plot your designs to PDF or DWF and share them via email

AutoCAD 360 Pro.

Jika kita menggunakan atau menginstall AutoCAD 360 for mobile yang versi free alias gratis,kita hanya mendapatkan fitur-fitur seperti tersebut diatas,tapi kita bisa menginstall yang versi pro untuk mendapatkan fitur yang lebih komplit,tapi sudah barang tentu AutoCAD 360 pro ini mesti ada maharnya alias berbayar.
AutoCAD 360 Pro subscription plans are available in the following options:
• AutoCAD 360 Pro monthly for $4.99
• AutoCAD 360 Pro annually for $49.99 (save $9.89 vs. monthly membership)
• AutoCAD 360 Pro Plus annually for $99.99

Adapun fitur tambahan jika kita menginstall atau beli AutoCAD 360 pro adalah :
• New drawing creation
• Larger file size support
• Connectivity to third-party storage, including Dropbox, Box, and more
• Advanced layer management
• Properties and attributes
• Block libraries
• Drawing coordinates
• Priority support
• Increased storage space
• New tools and much more

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan simak dan kunjungi situs resmi AutoCAD 360 dari google playstore hape dan tablet anda sekarang dengan alamat :

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